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Difference Between Dual Core And Quad Core Android Processors

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Nowadays, you will find out that every second smartphone powered with dual core or quad core android processors. Mostly, at this moment quad core processor are only used in high-end android smartphone. We all know that higher the number of cores in the processor, consequently faster will be the processor. Quad core processors have almost similar working as dual core processors but with a lot of difference in terms of its architecture. Therefore quad core are better than the dual core android processor.

Which one is better in Multiple Cores or Faster Processing Speed?

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On a mobile with a faster dual core processor will feel faster in day to day work, but the quad core will give you a multitasking work. Processing speed is the power with which the given task is executed differentiating in terms of time taken. Multiple cores will surely fetch you power, but fast processing speed will give efficiency at the right time.
Nowadays, there are apps to control different cores of processor at a given time. You can shut off any processor right away if you are doing lite task, thereby, saving large chunk of battery power. It’s wise to put the trophy in the hands of multiple cores. As more the cores, more will be the power and resulting in increase in processing speed. Architecture of the processors also do matter.

What are the impact of processors on Battery?

Quad core processor are not exactly twice the battery consumption, then the dual core processor because, the quad cores are architecture such that they try to conserve as much power as possible. Nowadays processors come with power management and power control feature built-in. While you are playing High end games or memory consuming apps, all the multiple cores would work simultaneously. But while your phones are on standby, you processor will automatically shut down the extra cores and, you will easily save a lot of battery .

What are the difference in the pricing of both the cores?

It is quite too obvious to say that, the dual core processors are more cheaper than quad core processor, as it requires more attention during its architectural construction. The difference lies at several levels starting from design, architecture, optimizations, power management, power consumption, components packed on the chip. Quad cores gonna cost you more than dual cores but it is definitely gonna make a difference in your mobile performance.

What should you do before buying a smartphone?

To determine the performance of the smartphone. With heavily optimized software for a quad core processor, a smartphone can perform comparatively higher or equal to the dual core processor. All that is dependent on a number of basic factors like clock speed of the processor, architecture and RAM.


I would advise you to do a research on specific smartphones before buying it. Just the numbers such as 1GHz or 1.5GHz don’t actually affect your smartphone performance. The architecture and the processor ARM version is also very important.

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