How To Download YouTube Videos Free

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In this article I am going to share some cool tricks to download YouTube videos free of cost and very easily. As we all know that there is no direct option by YouTube for downloading any video from YouTube. So, you can use any of the following tricks to download any public video using YouTube.

Top 5 Ways to Download YouTube Videos Free

  1. Using YouTube Downloader: YouTube Downloader is a software which allows you to download any video on YouTube by providing the URL of the video.
  2. Using a Download Manager: Download managers are software which are generally used to download any file outside a browser itself. Different download managers have different capabilities. A good download manager supports resuming capability of a file, generates a download link for any file (may be video,image,word file etc.). When a video is buffered on YouTube(or any other site), the download manager creates a link for the video to download. Hence, the video is easily downloaded. A few good download managers are Internet Download Manager(IDM), Orbit Downloader, Real Player Downloader, Speed Bit Video Downloader etc.
  3. Use of Websites: Some websites provide the facility for downloading YouTube videos. These sites ask the URL of the video and provide a download link of the video to the user. Save Media,KeepVid and are famous websites for downloading a YouTube video.
  4. Using Browser Extension: Browser extensions have done a great work for easy downloading of any YouTube video as it attaches a download link with YouTube video,using which a video can be downloaded easily. This extension is also provided by
  5. Use of a Prefix to the URL of YouTube Video : Prefixes like ss,save,kick etc. are put just before video and it will redirect the video to a download link. Here is the explanation :
    Suppose the URL of a video is :
    then it should be changed like : or or
    in order to download this video which will redirect you to either or Save Media.

This is all about YouTube Video Downloading. I hope that this guide will be very helpful to you. If you know any other better methods, do not forgot to share it in comments below and also tell me which way do you like most out of the methods mentioned above.

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