What is Mega Pixel? Does it Make Any Differences?

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When you are buying a camera or even a phone you will look for higher mega pixels . People think that higher megapixels means better photos but it is nothing like that. There are huge misconception about these. If you compare the Cannon EOD 600 D ( DSLR ) it has only 18 MP camera while on other hand we have Samsung Galaxy S4 with 13 MP camera.

People have this misconception that more megapixels makes a photo better. It this post we are going to discuss about the what is mega pixel and does it make any differences ?

What is Mega Pixel ?

Megapixels is just the measurement of the pixels. 1 Mega pixels has 1 Million pixels. Pixel is the single element of the image. The more megapixels you have the bigger the image would be. You can print the image on a big canvas without loosing any details.

Megapixels will just determine the size of your photos. On other hand it will also add some details to the photo.

What is Good Photo Factor ?

If you want to capture good quality photo. You need bigger sensors. The big the sensor the more details it would capture. And the megapixel would simply translate that image into the photo that is visible through the screen

So it all depends on the sensor of the camera not on the mega pixels. Camera manufactures take advantage of this point and sells the cameras on the bigger megapixels scale. It is the easiest way to manipulate people.

What to Keep in mind When Purchasing the Camera / Phone?

If you are planning to purchase the new camera or new camera phone. There are few things we would like to share.

  • If you want to shoot for a billboard then 7 MP or more would be sufficient for you.
  • For normal photography 1-3 megapixels would work just fine. But you not gonna buy them. If you are going to purchase a phone then normal camera with 13-20 MP is a better choice.
  • Pay attention to the sensor of the camera. You can check the quality of the photo by comparing them.
  • If you have some money then DSLR is certainly the best option for any camera seeker.
  • Point and shoot cameras are some how also good option. They are reasonable and have good image quality


What camera would you like to purchase ? One with more mega pixels or other with good overall image details. It is up to you. Let us know what do you think of this post. You can share you views about this post via comments below.

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