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Does Buying Twitter Followers Work?

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In last several years, social media has become most powerful and useful media on the Internet. Many political events happened in past in middle east called as Facebook revolution or social media revolution. So, yes social media today is rapidly growing trend. There are many social media websites offering different services, but most popular and growing are Facebook and Twitter.

As usual when there is something good and growing, there a lot potential and possibilities around. Many websites developing tools and services around these growing social giants.

Twitter, the main idea behind is fast information sharing. You have people who follows you. Every time you tweet – post your updates, all people following you automatically receiving these updates. Also you can follow others and receive updates from them. In many cases (and may be in most cases) the news received from twitter become public faster than via old traditional news media, like TV, radio and papers.

As twitter started as a media where people were following celebrities, it become also media for businesses.

Businesses now promoting/announcing their news via Twitter.

But, how about small businesses, they followed by small number of people, and as result their messages delivered to small amount of readers. That created interest and demand for tools which will increase the number of twitter followers.

And many of such tools were developed and what they do, is simply automatically searching for twitter users who tweeted about specific topics and following them automatically. Now, it is important to keep proportion of number of followers and number of people you follow. The ration should be kept in a way you follow less than you being followed by others. These autopilots automatically unfollow from users which not followed you back. Why people doing all that? Some want more exposure and some trying to send traffic to their websites.

The main question does these autopilot twitter tools really helpful?

Well they will bring you more followers for sure.

But are these real?

Well I don’t think they real.

On my Twitter handle, I follow only people or businesses I’m interested in. I not following back someone who I don’t know, just because he follows me. For example celebrities followed by hundred thousands, but they not following each and everybody back. You see them following may be hundred others. So for autopilot twitter tools users like me are not helpful and my user will be unfollowed after some time anyway.

What users/followers these autopilots getting? – they getting back same autopilots back! At the end of the day your user has thousands followers which not real users and none of them will read your tweets, and none of them will visit your website. So, in my opinion all these autopilot twitter adders are waste of time and money. You simply produce junk relations.

How you can gain real twitter users? Well tweet real interesting things, provide services and ask to follow you back in return. And never follow back just because someone follows you, otherwise you will be part of junk relation.

As example, our free Twitter Follower Package requires our users to follow us. As result of that people who follow them see us and register with us and following us. This is how we getting followers for example, and our followers are real humans, not boots and not autopilots.

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