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Diamond Crosshair Valorant – Customizing Crosshair

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You can create chaos in Valorant if you have everything set up. However, you can’t hit your targets. Now is the right time to switch to Diamond Crosshair Valorant.

Valorant crosshair customization is important.

It takes some time and effort to create the perfect crosshair. It is important to slowly adjust it in order to achieve your goal.

If you can’t decide what to do, it’s okay to follow someone else’s lead.

Diamond Crosshair Valorant

It is surprising to find that Valorant makes it easy to create almost any type of crosshair. You can customize your tools to create a custom fit. There are some general guidelines you should keep in mind.

You can also use the perfect colors if you want to see your crosshair. Also, make sure to use even values so that your crosshair stays centered and true. You must also turn off the movement error. You can be very distracted by dynamic crosshairs, so it is best to keep them static.


These steps will allow you to make the Valorant diamond crosshair:

Step-1 Colour: Your preference

Step-2 Outlines

Step-3 Outline Opacity : 0

Step-4 Outline Thickness 6

Step-5 Centre Dot: Off

Step-6 Centre Dot Opacity : 0.67

Step-7 Centre Dot Thickness : 1

Step-8 Fade crosshair With Firing Error Off

Step-9 ShowSpectated Player’s Crosshair: Off

Step-10 Disable Crosshair: Off


These steps will ensure that you get the perfect diamond crosshair.

Step-1 Show Inner lines Off

Step-2 Inner Line Opacity : 1

Step-3 Inner Line Length: 4

Step-4 Inner Line Thickness : 1

Step-5 Inner Line offset: 0

Step-6 Movement Error: Off

Step-7 Firing Error: Off


To create a perfect diamond crosshair, change the outer lines and follow these steps.

Step-1 Outside Line Opacity 1

Step-2 Outer Line Length: 1

Step-3 Outside Line Thickness 3

Step-4 Outside Line Offset: 2

Step-5 Movement Error: Off

Step-6 Firing Error: Off

These steps will help you create the perfect diamond crosshair for valorant.

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