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DIABLO 3 vs. PATH OF EXILE: Which ARPG Is Better?

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Two of the most popular ARPGs are Diablo and Path of Exile.

Which game is better? Which is the best one to start with?

Although Diablo 3 is a different ARPG, Path of Exile shares many similarities. Both games were fun to play and I loved them all.

Let’s face the truth, I do have a favorite. Here’s my verdict.

The Best Campaign

Diablo 3 was the first game I fell in love. It was everything I had ever wanted in a game about dungeon crawlers.

Everything was fun and easy, from the gameplay to the campaign to the looting.

Diablo 3’s campaign story is my favorite in an ARPG. It connects you with the characters all through the campaign, and makes it fun and easy to complete each mission.

Path of Exile on the other side has a very messy campaign. There are no cut scenes to give context of what’s going on. The main missions are scattered all over the place.

If you don’t follow a guide you won’t be able to find the main missions that will allow you to continue the campaign.

Path of Exile has a longer campaign, however.

The Diablo 3 campaign took me just 8 hours. Path of Exile’s 10 acts will take you at least 30 hours to complete, if your storyline is followed and side-quests are completed.

Path of Exile is a game that will test your patience and skills. Its increasing difficulty made it difficult for me to quit twice. I was unable to survive the game after I watched a YouTube tutorial.

Winner: Diablo 3

Graphics and Gaming

PoE is a stunning game. The game looks stunning and is now comparable to modern ARPGs, especially after several graphical enhancements.

Diablo 3 is a stunning game with amazing graphics and great gameplay mechanics. It does feel outdated, however, since it hasn’t had any visual enhancements or new content in many years.

Diablo 3’s combat system is well-oiled.

Every action and every weight can be felt. Also, the skill animations can be quite impressive.

Path of Exile’s combat system is also great and looks better than Diablo 3.

Path of Exile has an advanced skill tree, which offers more skill building options.

You can play with different classes and specializations, which allows you to replay the game many times.

Winner:Path of Exile

Best Loot and Builds

The most important aspect of any ARPG is its loot. We play ARPGs for the loot, so that we can build better builds.

Both Path of Exile and Diablo 3 fail to recognize the importance of this aspect.

Path of Exile offers a large skill tree and a variety of classes and specializations. This gives players many options to try out different builds.

The game does not offer a better loot system.

It’s the opposite for Diablo 3. While the game offers a lot of loot, it has very limited build options.

Winner: Draw

Best Endgame Content

Here is where Diablo 3 really shines. Blizzard does occasionally release new seasons, but it only offers cosmetics that you can grind for.

The same bounties are repeated over and over, but you end up with new armor cosmetics or wings.

Path of Exile offers more expansions and leagues than just the season. These include new missions and classes, as well as new content that allows you to replay the campaign.

Path of Exile releases a new league every three months, giving players the chance to play new game mechanics, missions and playstyles.

Winner:Path of Exile

And the Winner Is.

It may shock you to learn that Path of Exile is better than Diablo 3.

Although Diablo 3 offers a more polished campaign and smoother graphics, Path of Exile wins for its frequent content updates, community support and ongoing improvements.

Path of Exile receives quality updates, new leagues and expansions every year to keep players happy. This is a great quality, and it’s not possible to beat with beautiful graphics and a compelling story campaign.

However, I recommend Diablo 3 to anyone who is new to ARPGs. It is much easier than Path of Exile.

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