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How to Devise Effective Abandoned Basket Emails for your eCommerce Prospects

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In the scenario of the e-commerce business, the abandoned cart is the biggest problem that needs to be tackled appropriately. To convert cart abandoners into paying customers, no matter the industry, you need to have a recovery email campaign that targets them with relevant messages and reaches out to them to influence their decision. In a fast-paced virtual world, it is common for customers to leave their carts scattered like they do in the real world. There may be some valid reasons and sometimes weirder reasons for leaving their carts unpurchased. There is scope to reduce the number of abandoned carts on your sites and convert them into potential buyers in both situations.

For that, you need to devise and discover effective plans to curtail your abandoned basket, wherein email can prove to be the best measure. You can work in conjunction with targeted ads for your e-commerce brands. Below, we list some effective ways to tackle your abandoned basket emails and drive website traffic with sales completion.

Ensure messaging alignment across all your channels

In email marketing, to ensure that you reduce abandoned emails and connect to a larger audience, you must design your messages so that they get aligned to all channels. By implementing this strategy, you can increase your revenue and successfully fight cart abandonment. Using an omnichannel approach can keep the potential customers warm and increase their participation. Thus, promoting offers across multiple channels can get your shoppers to act and reduce the abandonment of your e-commerce cart.

Time the touchpoints properly

When enabling email for cross-channel platforms, make efforts to strategize the time to ensure your touchpoints. Every channel will need different times to promote through, so send your recovery emails within an hour after their cart abandonment and enable abandoned product reminders efficiently. To consider a particular timing, use the A/B testing method and determine which email can effectively connect your target audience.

Re-engage cart abandoners with highly personalized content 

To make sure your cart abandoners consider opting for your brand and complete their buying process, you need to devise effective personalized content. You can utilize Google ads to emails and even Facebook advertising for offering highly customized dynamic experiences to your cart abandoners. This approach is excellent to re-engage your customers who have lost track of their pending cart. Moreover, you can even incorporate product recommendations per their previous buying history and set promotions accordingly, thus encouraging higher conversions from those who abandoned their carts.

Capture email addresses for a cart recovery strategy

To appropriately target, track, and optimize your abandoned cart, you need to capture the email address of your abandonment cart customers and fuel some effective campaigns to lure them into buying. You can send email newsletters coupled with a personalized retargeting ad campaign that can win back your shoppers in no time. Additionally, as a part of full-service email marketing, you can enable popup notifications to mobile optimization and amplify the results in your overall marketing.

Outline what you want to convey

Use a comprehensive marketing platform strategy to boost your cross channel and reduce your abandoned basket emails. It should depict what your email wants to convey. Use the abandoned cart email in such a way that it outlines the key messages which are relevant to your customer. The contact should be in the database who have abandoned their carts and need to be segmented in demographic information. Focus on mentioning their incomplete purchase and communicate with them specifically what they will lose if they don’t complete their purchase.

Lend An Incentive To your e-commerce prospects

As a general rule to retarget your abandoned cart prospects, you need to move ahead in your email strategy. Consider incentives to nudge them towards completing their pending purchase. Ensure that the incentives don’t affect the value of your product and strategically do something interesting that converts those customers into loyal ones. You can even consider cross-selling a different, related product in a flash sale and try to improve your email open rates.

Test And Optimize Your Abandoned Cart Emails

Last but not least, test your retargeting abandoned cart emails and optimize them to devise a successful plan to get the maximum conversions. With prompting customers through incentives, you can test your retargeting emails on A/B testing to see which platforms perform the best, where to place the call to action and when to send the email that will give you the best results. Such analytics can reduce your abandoned emails in the e-commerce business.

Bottom Line

Using the above strategies, you can look forward to seamlessly influencing your shoppers in completing their purchases. This factor may generate maximum efficiency and get the best out of your efforts. These powerful tactics can be best paired with a kick-ass eCommerce lead nurturing strategy and make it easier for your customers to find your products and decide to make a purchase. So, follow these steps to retain your abandoned cart emails and impact the bottom line and growth of your e-commerce store.

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