Delete Recycle Bin from Desktop in Windows 7

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As we all know that the recycle bin is located at the desktop by default in windows, which can not be removed easily in Windows 7 or 8 as it could be done in Windows vista. If we want to delete recycle bin from the desktop, then any of the following methods may be used:

Methods to Delete Recycle Bin from Desktop

Using Personalize Option:

In order to remove Recycle Bin from desktop it is an easy way. Here are the basic steps, you will require to follow:

  1. Right click on the desktop and go to the Personalize tab (Control Panel>>Appearance and Personalization>>Personalization).
  2. In this tab on the top of the left side there is an option named “Change desktop icons”.
  3. Clicking on it will open a new tab of “Desktop Icon Settings” from where you can remove recycle bin by un-checking the box in front of the Recycle Bin option as shown in figure.
  4. Now apply these settings and then press OK.
  5. You have done it very easily.

Using Local Group Policy Editor:

Another method for removing recycle bin from desktop is by making few changes in local group policy editor. Here is, how to do that:

  1. To open local group policy editor, simply open the run window (by pressing window key+R) or start search menu and enter gpedit.msc.
  2. Now go to:
    User Configuration>>Administrative Templates>>Desktop>>Remove Recycle Bin icon from desktop.
  3. Click on Edit Policy Settings.
  4. Change it from not configured to enabled in the left side.
  5. Then apply the settings and press OK.
  6. Now again go to run menu and enter gpupdate.exe which will open a command prompt and update the policy.
  7. After that restart the system and you will not be able to see the recycle bin any more.


  1. Local Group Policy Editor‘s changes are more effective as compared to the removal of recycle bin from personalize option. If recycle bin is removed using Local Group Policy Editor it can not be undone using Personalize option as it disables the option of recycle bin in Desktop Icon Settings.
  2. System needs to be restarted for taking changes effect by the Local Group Policy Editor method while it is not required in the Personalization.
  3. Recycle Bin may be get back on the desktop by the same processes. In Desktop Icons Settings check the box while in Policy Settings of Recycle Bin’s removal change it to “not configured” or “disabled”.

I hope that you liked these tricks and will be able to remove recycle bin from desktop now. If you have any query or would like to suggest any other methods, your suggestions are most welcomed using comment box.

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