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Tech Gifts for Dad: Top 10 Coolest Gadgets This Season

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Is your dad a huge tech lover? He’s always looking for the latest gadget to purchase. He has a room full of different tech items and he can spend hours working on a computer or setting up a television system.

Because he loves tech stuff so much, it seems like he has just about every tech gift idea you could think of. How can you come up with tech gifts for dad when he already has so much? We’re here to help.

Just when you thought there weren’t any cool tech gifts left to surprise him with, new technology continues to come out each and every year. If you know you need to find dad a great tech gift but aren’t sure where to start, continue reading below. Here’s our list of some of the best tech gifts for men that your dad is sure to love!

#1 A Bluetooth Tracker

Is your dad constantly losing things? Does he often misplace his car keys, cellphone, or other various items? If so, then he’s not alone.

It’s not unusual for people to misplace these items, and that’s why the Bluetooth tracker was invented. The tracker is a small battery device that can be attached to their key ring or another item. Once he loses that item, he can activate an alarm using his cellphone or laptop.

He can also use a crowd-finding network to locate it if it’s out of range. It’s the perfect gift for any dad who seems to misplace his personal belongings more often than not.

#2 A New Laptop

What kind of computer is your dad currently using? When’s the last time he upgraded? If your dad is on a laptop or computer a lot, then it might be time to gift him with an upgraded version.

There are many great options and laptop deals at for you to browse through. Make sure you start by knowing what type of work your dad does on the computer. For example, does he use his laptop for creating software?

Is he an avid gamer who spends hours gaming on his computer? Take this into consideration, because there are different laptops and computers that are ideal for a specific type of user. Once you know what he needs, gift him with an upgrade of what he has now, and he’s sure to appreciate it.

#3 Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones are the latest trend. You can’t go to the gym or grocery store without seeing someone wearing either wireless headphones or earbuds. Why are they so popular?

Without wires, you don’t have to worry about getting tangled up in them or keep your cell phone close by so the wires don’t pull. Wireless headphones use Bluetooth to connect to your device without it needing to be right next to them (just within close range). If your dad’s not already using wireless headphones, then now is the perfect time to upgrade him.

You can even consider getting noise-canceling headphones, which are wonderful for any working dad at home. He can tune everything out that’s around him and focus on the task at hand.

#4 Wireless Phone Charger

Wireless is the way to go this year as the next item on our list is a wireless phone charger. Although many of the newest phones come with wireless charging capabilities, they don’t come with a wireless charger. You’ll still need to plug the charger into the phone to get a charge unless you purchase a wireless phone charging station.

This is a great gift for any tech dad because he won’t have to worry about a faulty charging port, which can happen over time to any cell phone. He can easily place his phone on the charger and walk away. Before gifting this item to him, however, do be sure that his phone has these capabilities.

Otherwise, you might be getting him a new cell phone as well!

#5 A Smart Thermostat

Along with wireless items, smart devices are also popular in today’s world. Smart devices are made to make our lives easier by placing more tasks in the hands of the devices. Although there are many wonderful smart devices to choose from, a smart thermostat is always a good starting point.

A smart thermostat makes adjusting the home’s temperature much simpler for your dad. He can make changes to it remotely even when he’s not at home. He can also use this device to put in different settings for it to automatically adjust the temperature depending on the time of day or other factors.

Some of these devices even have warning systems in place to warn you about gas or fire detection.

#6 A Pocket Notebook

A pocket notebook might seem like an out-of-date gift for a dad who loves technology, but stop right there. LEUCHTTURM’s 1917 Pocket Notebook isn’t like any other notebook. This notebook allows you to write down notes in an actual notebook, which is more ideal for some than using an electronic device.

It also comes with in-proof paper and can fit in a pocket and open flat. It comes with a cloth page marker and an elastic band for keeping everything closed and secure. If your dad is something who likes to write things down the old-fashioned way but still loves tech, then this is a great gift for him.

#7 A Smart Bike Helmet

Your dad bought himself a new bike, but did he buy himself a new helmet? If he did, is the helmet a smart helmet? If not, then he needs a smart helmet.

A smart helmet comes with front and back LED lights to ensure your dad is seen no matter what direction the cars are coming from and can be customized on the app. It’s always a good feeling knowing you’re helping to keep your dad safe. The fun doesn’t stop there, though.

Smart helmets also come Bluetooth-enabled. There’s a small remote which allows him to signal to cars when he’s turning with the help of the back display. The helmet also comes in a variety of colors so there’s bound to be an option your dad will love.

#8 A Smart Security System

You don’t have to sign up with a home security company to provide your dad with an added layer of safety. There are multiple smart home security systems that you can purchase and install yourself. Take your time doing some research to see what different options are available.

Find the one you believe would be best and let your dad have fun installing the camera doorbell, door and window chimes, and security cameras. There’s no monthly fee unless you want to upgrade to those services. Your dad can connect the system to his cell phone and view the cameras from there when needed.

#9 A Temperature-Controlled Mug

If your dad loves to drink coffee or tea, then he’s going to love this temperature-controlled mug. The mug is connected to an app that he can then use to control its temperature. This type of smart mug isn’t designed to keep coffee hot throughout the entire day.

Instead, it’s designed to keep it warm for 30 minutes while he sips on it, which is about the normal amount of time it takes to finish a cup of coffee or tea. There’s no lid and no sipping from a small hole on top. He can enjoy his coffee in a regular coffee mug as normal without the worry of it getting cold.

There’s also a variety of sizes to choose from to ensure you find the right one for your dad.

#10 Chromecast With Google TV

It’s no secret that cable TV is on the decline. In today’s world, there are so many different streaming platforms to choose from and enjoy, which all make the thought of paying for cable, less ideal. When you plug a Chromecast into a TV, it makes the process of streaming much more enjoyable.

The Chromecast with Google TV plugs into your television’s HDMI port and allows you to cast anything you’re streaming from your cell phone, laptop, or tablet to your television. It doesn’t matter what you’re watching on your phone, you can now easily transfer it to your TV and watch it on the big screen without fear of losing the quality of the picture.

Which Tech Gifts For Dad Will You Give Him This Year?

There are so many great tech gifts for dad to choose from this year. Do you know which gift you’ll decide to give him? Spend some time going over all of these awesome tech gift ideas listed in this guide above before making a decision.

To find more posts related to technology, continue to check back here on a regular basis.

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