How To Check Internet Speed Easily?

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The internet speed is a major issue which makes many people suffer from. However, it is very easy to test it without spending any money.

The internet speed is the major threat to the people as it restricts many people to view their favorite videos and interrupts from enjoying their audio files continuously. In many cases, it also restricts people to have the fluent video chatting and audio chatting across the internet, which is the most annoying evil of IT sector. So, if you do not trust your ISP service provider, it is better to test the internet speed. Interestingly, it does not cost the real money and can be done within a few minutes. Also, it does not need the user to be the real IT genius and/ or expert. Here are a few simple steps that will describe how you can easily check the internet speed.

Using The System Resources

In this method, the internet speed is observed using the inbuilt system resource. But, it does provide the instantaneous speed, but displays the standard speed of the internet connection.

1. The first begins right from your PC. Go to the ‘Start’ menu and click on the ‘Network’ option. In the Network window, click on the ‘View Status’.

2. The Status window, you will get the full info on how your internet connection is connected and what is the standard speed of the internet connection provided by your ISP.

3. If you are suing the Mac system, just press the ‘Command + F’ key in the system. This will open the ‘Find Resource’ of the system. Now type ‘Activity Monitor’ and double click on the application to open it. Once you click on the Network tab, you will the information about the standard speed and the current speed of the internet.

Using The Third Party Online Tools

This is a bit advanced method and can be used for testing the speed of the internet. Nearly all the uses in the world rely on the speed test result provided by the third party online tools. These online tools are free of cost and can be accessed through their official websites. Here are the steps to use one such online tool.

[Note – Open the task manager by pressing ‘Ctrl + Shift + Esc’. Close all the application running, that are shown in the ‘Applications’ tab. This prevents any interruption in the speed test by any application.]

1. Search for the apt online speed test website for checking the speed of the internet. A good site will provide the finest results with an apt comparison for further accuracy. Also, it will avoid multiple ads and banners that only try to sell their products and services.

2. Enter the home page of one such preferred website and go to the speed test page. In many cases, the home page and the speed test page will be same. Here you will find buttons ‘Start Test’; just click on it.

3. Most of the speed test tools demand for the manual selection of the server location. In this case, choose the server location which is closest to you.

4. The speed test will begin with the Ping, followed by the download and upload speed test. Finally, the result will be shown on the screen. Many websites provide the option for comparison with the other serves and the other speed test online tools to get the most accurate estimate of the internet speed.

The above two methods will describe the quick and comprehensive ways to find out the exact speed of the internet. However, there are many other paid tools that provide the extra features and extensive report of the internet speed test.

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