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Can You Throw Neighbor’s Tree Branches Back in Their Yard?

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It’s funny to see the hilarious roles played by neighbor against neighbor in classic sitcoms or movies, but it’s more than just humours when it happens right in your own backyard.

Are you frustrated by the fact that you can’t look out your yard without mumbling the name of your neighbor?

Let’s get to the point: Can I put the neighbor’s tree limbs back in my yard? This article will help you understand how to get rid of branches from your yard the most efficient way.

This question is more complicated than you might think. Let’s look at the various factors and see if we can resolve this conflict.

This article does not contain professional advice. If you are looking for legal advice, consult a local lawyer.

Take a look at the Property Line

First, determine where the tree is located on your property and where it branches out.

Trees are beautiful and add so much to the world. However, frustration can be understandable when a neighbor has a tree branch that is constantly shedding leaves or pine needles, or small broken-off branches in your yard.

When is it OK to take action? This step is crucial, according to tree law expert RJ Lasverne.

The tree is mostly on the neighbor’s side.

The tree is legally your neighbor’s if the trunk is more than half of it, or the entire trunk is located on your property line. However, you have the right to trim any branches that are clearly visible from your property.

You should be careful. If you do any damage to the tree’s health, it technically is not yours. Pruning the wrong way or cutting off branches can cause severe damage to the tree, and even death.

Talking to your neighbor about the task is the best way to reach a solution. If that is not possible, you can talk to an arborist to get a better idea of what branches to prune for tree health.

The tree is located right in the middle the property line.

If this is your case, then you and your neighbor may have more in common than what you realize. You can own a tree! You are legally both the owner of the tree if it is located exactly in the middle. This means that any decisions regarding the tree must be made with your full consent.

Talking calmly and with a level-headed manner with your neighbor can help you find a solution. Read on for more information about how to have this conversation with your neighbor.

This can cause more headaches than you think. You may need to call your local Home Owner Association or local property experts to act as mediators.

Before you start chippity chopping

Once you have that settled, you might feel the urge to grab your sheers to start cutting. But let’s stop and take a deep breath.

It is a good idea to check with your local laws and community guidelines to ensure that you aren’t in legal trouble.

You should also check your local laws regarding this subject as they can vary from one state to the next; safer than sorry!

You can usually find help numbers or Q&A sections on the website of your city that you can use to get sound advice and confidence in moving forward with your tree branch problem.

You might also consider throwing them branches.

So here is the answer to your burning question. If the branches are your neighbors , meaning the tree is on your neighbor’s side , then technically you can throw them back as it is their property.

Is it right to throw tree branches into the neighbor’s yard?

If your relationship with your neighbor has been strained for a while, or if there are any kind of neighbor rivalry between you, it might be time to use passive-aggressive language to say, “Hey, here are your branches back, maybe you should trim them.”

This is not a good idea. Even if your relationship seems to be on the rocks, with calm and balanced communication, there are still many things you can do.

Talking with your Neighbor

Keep in mind that your attitude will influence the outcome of any conversation. You will likely feel the consequences if you enter this conversation feeling angry or negative.

You may be amazed at the opportunities that open up if you keep your mind open and act calmly. If someone is kind and patient with them subconsciously, that’s how you will want to emulate them. The same applies if someone is rude or unnecessarily rude.

Remember that even if you have a history of not being best friends with each other, this conversation doesn’t necessarily result in you becoming best friends. You’re just trying to find a solution that works for you both and keeps the peace.

Your neighbor might not respond in the way you hoped, but it is possible to control what they do.

How to Get Rid of Tree Branches On Your Own

You don’t want conflict but still don’t feel like talking? WikiHow has some tips for on how to properly dispose tree branches.

  • To find out the day and time yard waste is picked-up in your city, visit their website/resources. You can either place the tree branches into a city-provided bin or buy paper leaf/leaf bags. You can place your yard waste on your curb once you know the day it is picked up.
  • You can also search for a yard waste drop-off location. Some cities already have them. It is important to follow the guidelines regarding how many branches can you bring in and how they should be dropped off.
  • If it is allowed in your neighborhood/community you can also have a small bonfire to burn the branches; make sure to keep your bonfire under control and safe!

You now know how to calmly, confidently and effectively deal with this kind of situation. Be the neighbor you want to be.

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