Brilliant Ways To Get More Views On Youtube

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YouTube has emerged as a major social media platform, constantly changing and growing. Gone are the days when tutorials and funny cat videos dominated the internet. Now, YouTube has evolved to be a critical base for marketers. Now people are making interesting intros usingYoutube Intro Maker to gain a sizeable audience to which they can market their products and services or entertain them.

More than one billion hours of video are watched on YouTube daily, which is more than the combined viewership of Facebook and Netflix. But the crazy part is that over 62% of businesses leverage the YouTube platform to post their video content. However, you’ll need to drive more YouTube views to boost your sales effectively. In this article, we’ll tell you the most brilliant ways to get more views on YouTube. So, let’s start.

Brilliant Ways to Get More YouTube Views 

Now you know that people spend one billion hours on YouTube daily. So, if you want your YouTube videos to stand out in this massive viewership and grab the attention and engagement of the right set of audience, here’s what you’ve to do.

1. Be Well-Familiar with the YouTube Basics 

First, a newborn learns to walk, and then they run. Similarly, you should first understand the fundamentals and ensure you’ve checked all the boxes. Your basic YouTube home economics include:

  • A complete, informative, and valuable “About” section
  • A constant visual identity of the channel (YouTube channel art or a channel icon)
  • Up-to-date contact details
  • Make an appeal intro video using any online Youtube Intro Maker.

2. Do Thorough Research & Enhance Your Video’s Search Ranking 

Yes, it’s a well-known fact that YouTube is a social platform, but it’s also a considerate search engine. And one of the most effective ways to drive more views is by using YouTube SEO, which means optimisation of the videos for search.

Simply put, when your target viewers type in their chosen or selected keywords, you’ll want your video’s ranking at the top of YouTube’s results list. It means you must know what your audience wants – entertaining, inspirational, or tutorials.

One of the best ways to get new eyes on your videos is ranking in search results, and it will not happen solely by making an attractive introduction. Although easier said than done, you may still wonder how to enhance your videos’ search ranking on YouTube.

The answer is research. You’ll have to use a tool like the Google Keyword Planner – for which you’ll need a Google Ads account to do the following things:

  • Draw inspiration for the next YouTube video based on what the general audience wants and looks for. 
  • Consider and leverage those relevant keywords in your content’s metadata (tags, video title, subtitles, video description text, etc.). 

Learn how the YouTube algorithm works. The AI decides not only the search results but also suggestions for that crucial “what’s up next” recommended videos sidebar.

3. Get Recommended After One Popular Video by Using Metadata

If you aim to drive more YouTube views, take some suggestions from the most famous videos across the platform in your niche. Visit your competitor’s channel and look at their most popular videos. Do this before making your first video to have a bumper start with a good video.

The ultimate goal of YouTube is to retain the viewers on its platform for as long as possible. It will make them watch as many ads as possible, too. So, the algorithm’s job is to feed viewers one appealing video after another. But what’s the secret behind YouTube always figuring out the likes of people? Well, the algorithm considers the following factors:

  • Videos the user has already watched before
  • Videos that are mostly watched together

You can only control the topically-related videos here. So, when considering picking keywords, think more like a librarian. Explain the topic of your video while describing its overall category while posting the video, and consider what other words a person can use for searching that topic. Also, try to include as much information as possible in your intro when using a free intro maker for youtube to make a good first impression.

4. Boost Your Views With Custom Thumbnails 

If your potential audience is in explore mode – scrolling through the search recommendations and results – thumbnails are crucial in determining what to watch. To make an exceptional custom thumbnail, you must know its properties:

  • The thumbnail must be clear and precise about what the video is all about. If you use a misleading thumbnail to drive people into clicking, YouTube will know that your watch time will fall significantly when the audience gets irritated and stops watching.
  • An effective and successful thumbnail will always stand out and work unitedly with the video’s title.

To stand out, you also need a good intro clip on your page that can describe your page aptly. And you can make it using an advanced Youtube Intro Maker. Moreover, ensure your clip is high-resolution and shot in a good lighting room or environment.

5. Create Playlists to Multiply Your Views 

Arranging and creating video playlists on YouTube is an excellent way to reduce the chances that users will shift to another channel once they’ve seen your content. Do you know why? That’s because playlists follow the same rules as Netflix – once a video ends, the next one starts. And you can also choose to have an intro made on a premium Youtube Intro Maker to every playlist, which you can use to make viewers aware of their kind of content.

As you’ve already put in all the efforts to help the viewers find your video and watch the whole thing, it will be more sensible and smart to guide them for the video content that will best fit their interests and which they’d like to watch next.

6. Use Cards & End Screens to Drive Traffic to the Videos 

Apart from the playlists, end screens and cards are the other tools you can leverage to bypass the YouTube algorithm and directly lure in the audience’s next choice. Cards are interactive, clickable areas that show up during the video.

These cards come in different formats that can be utilised for things like selling merch or fundraising. However, in this case, you want to boost the number of views, so pick a card that links to another card of your videos. Remember that cards are unavailable for use on videos made for kids.

Cards are pop-ups, so they must incorporate value. You should not make the viewers feel like getting spammed. If you link any playlist or video, ensure it’s relevant to the moment and provides an extra dose of entertainment or some basic information. Do you have a visible retention issue with a major audience drop-down at one particular point in one of the videos? If so, try incorporating a link card at that very moment.

On the other hand, end screens are optical call-to-action that can be added to the video’s end (within the last 5-20 seconds) to influence viewers for the next step. Now, these end screens are valuable, and you know it because if someone reaches the bitter end of your video, it means they’re interested in your excellent piece of content. It is a perfect choice to use end screens to inspire viewers to visit your website or subscribe to your channel. When using end screens, you must incorporate a few additional seconds to the video’s end while making edits.

7. Go Above & Beyond the How-To Videos

When researching your target keywords, you’ll most likely see plenty of search terms that come with the phrase “how to.” That’s because how-to content comes with a lot of search volume. People who make cool short how-to videos are gaining many views on the platform, and these videos can also have a cool intro made on Youtube Intro Maker to categorise them into groups.

While you must go above and beyond to lure in new viewers, you must also make time to retain them. On YouTube, the value-added features of your brand are brought together in the form of valuable content for people who are already fond of your videos.

8. Establish Strong Relationships With the Viewers

Building relationships with the viewer is called “audience engagement.” The main aim is to follow the organic, realistic, and sustainable path toward driving more YouTube views. Remember that the first ten seconds of your videos matter the most.

So, use a YouTube intro maker to create a solid intro that would help you interact with the viewers within the first few seconds of the video. In these seconds, address how your brand will be valuable to them. It will increase the likelihood of those people liking your brand, subscribing to your channel, and watching more of your videos.

However, you can directly interact with the viewers too. Grow your YouTube following rapidly by creating a two-way conversation channel and breaking the fourth wall by:

  • Running YouTube content
  • Replying to comments
  • Trying to make reaction videos
  • Seeking permission and incorporating other people’s content in your videos

9. Collaborate Cuz You Need It!

Guest appearances, crossovers, covers, and mash-ups: individuals love the thrust of such events. Find Billy Ray Cyrus to your Lil Nas X or something like that. If you’re a brand with a pre-determined budget, hiring a content creator having their own following is a smart and obvious choice. And they will also make a good intro for you if you do not know how to create one on a Youtube Intro Maker.

However, if you’re an aspiring influencer or creator, driving more views is your first step to monetising your YouTube channel. It is the way to make money, not spend it. In that case, it’s best to collaborate with like-minded content creators.

10. Promote Your YouTube Videos on All Social Media Platforms 

You must leverage all your social media platforms to promote your YouTube channel seamlessly. If you want to drive more YouTube views via social media, AVOID doing the following:

  • Don’t go to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and post an image or a text with one of your YouTube video links. Although it makes sense to link to YouTube, the problem is that social media channels want to retain people on their platform. Rather embed your YouTube video in your online magazine and then post it online – once published, its cover will display automatically on your feed and look fantastic!
  • So, it’s obvious for their algorithms not to promote a text-only post or an image attached with a link to an off-platform channel. Simply put, it will lower your CTR, impressions, and YouTube views.
  • Avoid uploading the whole video on these social media platforms, as this is what Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter want you to do. These won’t help you get more views on YouTube.

The solution here to promote your video is to follow this instead:

  • Go to your social media accounts and post short, concise teaser videos as native videos while adding a link that directs to the complete video on YouTube. Remember that you don’t want to use the same short video to post across all your social channels.

11. Enable Embedding to Get More Views 

By enabling embedding, you’ll be able to allow your fans to spread positive words about your work. The fresher batch of viewers who watches your video, the more viewers you get.

During this process, you can even gain plenty of subscribers. It’s elementary to enable embedding. Go to YouTube Studio, click on Content, find the video, select it, and tap on Edit. Then, finally, select embedding. Decide on toggling it ON or OFF.

12. Amplify the Watch Time 

Yes, we all know that anything watched for over 30 seconds counts as a view on YouTube. However, there are benefits to retaining viewers for a more extended period.

If you successfully have the viewers watch your video for longer, YouTube will consider your content to be of excellent quality and high standard.

One way to do this is using a YouTube intro maker to make an impactful and impressive intro that will make them curious to learn “what’s next” every 10-20 seconds of the video.

So, videos with amplified watch time are highly preferred by the YouTube algorithm, boosting your video ranking in the recommendation engine.

13. Translate or Render Your Videos 

Incorporating captions into your videos assists hearing-impaired viewers and the 69% of viewers who watch videos on mobile with the sound off to follow along.

Translation can be an effective option when having a transcript – making your video accessible to the global audience. You can drive views from around the world. You can explore the help page on YouTube to learn how to prepare a transcript file.

Final Words: Get Started Today!

There you have it – the 13 most brilliant ideas to drive more views on YouTube. To conclude, first, you must aim to create excellent content that your target viewers will love, and don’t forget to make a dashing intro using a Youtube Intro Maker.

Subsequently, do the best you can for your content and channel optimisation, and promote your videos via other channels. Finally, establish and nurture relationships with the viewers by indulging in your niche community. So, until next time – Best of Luck with Your YouTube video performance.

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