Twitch New Content Bans – A Brief Overview

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Ask any social media fan which platform has the messiest content and there is a probability Twitch will top up their list. It is so chaotic that it is common for someone to walk in, say or do something offensive, and refuse to leave without a fight. You can always close the chat window to avoid seeing more of this, but this is not the solution. It can even be worse for anyone who wants to join a community only to notice how messy it is.

Twitch is a live streaming platform for online gamers who record different contents, which can include video games and even casino games and how to play with Vulkan Vegas 50 free spins.

For sure, it is not an easy task being a community moderator. You will always encounter people who want to cause trouble and are very offensive. To prevent further abuse of the platform, Twitch has updated its content bans. This will govern the site and protect it from harmful and terrorist content. Updating the bans is a smart way for the site to plan ahead and the way it will deal with extremist chats in the future.

Twitch has been recently receiving much criticism from most of its users due to a couple of reasons. Some of the prominent streamers like Forsen were banned for a day. According to Forsen, the ban was all due to a misunderstanding on a chat. As he said, he used slang, which was mistaken for an insult, and the platform described it as hateful conduct. However, this is not the first time his channel has been banned.

Moreover, Twitch is known to have a disorganized structure. There have been numerous cases where some of the popular streamers were banned for no reason. This could actually lead to a rebellion from the streamers since most of them depend on the platform for a living.

To prevent all these from happening, Twitch has introduced some new set of guidelines. In the new changes, those who are banned will be removed completely from your followers.

According to Twitch, banned persons will not be able to view anything in the current chat, and no one can see them in the channel.  This will also apply to blocked users who will not be able to refollow you, host streams, or send friend requests. Moreover, if your channel is banned, it will be removed entirely from the channel list.

Another ban is that blocked users will not be able to use alternative accounts. The platform will shadowban the IPs for anyone who is blocked, thus no one can view your messages. Twitch has also introduced a Mod View option, which will be in control of channel moderators. The purpose of this feature is to keep the chats clean and also allow the moderators to check and inspect the user’s info and history.

Furthermore, Twitch also said that no one is allowed to post content that glorifies, depicts, or support terrorism. You also cannot threaten or support anyone to do acts that can hurt a person or a group of people physically. Whoever is found with such material even if it’s denouncing the acts will be banned completely.

Twitch has been in the spotlight many times, and it is time for it to take control of its platform. There have been several cases where people live-streamed themselves performing a terroristic act, which harmed a group of people. An example of this is the man who attacked a synagogue in Germany and recorded himself doing so on Twitch. Perhaps the new guidelines will prevent such scenarios as this one but we will have to wait and see.

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