How to Block Ads on Websites

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Before telling you the way to block ads on websites, let me begin with this story. Today I was using my friend’s laptop. But I got annoyed of it very soon because of too many advertisements interrupting while surfing. I asked him that how would he has been managing to surf with this much advertisement and he asked if he could do anything to stop it. I replied: “Yes, you may use Adblock Plus, which I am using to get rid of these annoying ads.” Then,I wished to share it with my other readers too. Some of you may be knowing about it, but if you are unaware about it, then have a look here:

What are the ads?

Ads are the contents placed on a website of another website in order to earn money from the ad provider companies (like Adsense, Chitika etc.) or the site owner self. Ads may be in many forms. Few examples are below :

  • Pop-up
  • Intext
  • Javascript
  • Videos
  • Widget etc.

Why we need to block these ads?

Here are basic reasons, which make us feel the requirement of an ad blocking tool:

  • Some site owners have too many ads placed on their site in order to earn more money which is annoying to the users of the site. Sometimes it happens that when we open a link, a pop-up opens and the main content is behind it, and we have to close the pop-up and then proceed further. Number of pop-ups are not fixed and the count is also not sure to the user how many times he has to see these contents to visit the original content.
  • Sometimes we wish to download any tool or something from file sharing sites but we are unable to find which one is the right download button, because many download options are there in the form of download buttons and get undesired files downloaded which are in the name of ‘Download From Here’ or something like it and we need to stop it which can be done by blocking those ads from appearing on the page.

How to block ads on websites?

In order to block ads on websites, we can use browser extensions. Adblock Plus is the utility by using which you can block the unwanted ads and surf the web in a relaxed manner. Besides this Adblock or any other extensions of same properties may also be used. You can also make particular area selection to be selected on a website or whether you want any webpage to show the ads.

What is Adblock Plus?

Adblock plus is the most popular extension for a browser used to hide the unnecessary advertise. You can install it by visiting Adblock Plus. Sometimes it is not possible to block the video ads due to the limitation in WebKit engine browser (generally chrome) is based on.

When there is a discussion about browser extensions to block ads on websites, Adblock plus is far much better as compared to others. It takes low process usage and have more options also. Hence, I will recommend you Adblock Plus personally.

Note : All the browsers do not support these extensions. But most of the popular browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, IE etc support it and these browsers are recommended to surf the internet.

If you are having any query, then feel free to ask using comment box. You can also tell your suggestions on this topic. Thank You!

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