The 5 Best Live Dealer Blackjack Game Variations to Try Out Now

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Live dealer blackjack has become one of the most popular casino games in recent years. Streaming and broadcasting technologies have made the live casino experience more exciting than ever before. In light of the global epidemic, participatory social gaming has become more effective than ever, which led to the revolution in the online gaming industry.

This industry is worth a billion dollars now and shows no sign of stopping here. Gamers are making tons of money staying at home, and you would also want to earn extra bucks while enjoying your favorite game sessions.

Here is a list of the finest live dealer blackjack game software available online:

Evolution’s Lightning Blackjack

When Evolution’s Lightning Blackjack debuted in 2021, it was a game-changing moment for the industry. iGaming guru, the Latvian, came up with the ideal solution after a long period of experimentation. When it comes to Lightning cards, it’s better to avoid them at all costs. Lightning Blackjack, however, awards winners in the next round. The greatest live dealer blackjack games require that you win a hand first.

On the other hand, Evolution is a game that ensures a winning score multiplier. Lightning Blackjack’s multipliers can go up to 25x.

Playtech’s Majority Rules Speed Blackjack

This software is possibly the most social of the options. Teamwork and self-determination go hand in hand in this Playtech game. You’ll need to rely on your interpersonal abilities to succeed in this casino game. However, at the unlimited seat table, players can seek advice from their fellow players on whether or not to hit, stand, or double down.

A multi-angle 4K camera system and an immersive gaming atmosphere are standard in every Playtech live game, including Speed Blackjack. The neon lights and cheerful presenters in Majority Rules by Playtech will make you feel right at home.

However, not everyone would enjoy playing casino games based on the majority rule. There are different approaches to the finest live dealer blackjack games if you’re a self-reliant kind.

Evolution’s Blackjack Party

Party is a live dealer card game that allows players to interact with the dealer. The idea is to come closer to 21 using the standard blackjack rules. Busting or exceeding 21 with one’s cards should be avoided at all costs.

The performance is hosted by two dealers, which makes Party different from traditional blackjack games. Blackjack Party is more analogous to live game shows like Crazy Time than a traditional game of blackjack in this regard. This card game with a party atmosphere provides hours of pleasure that no other game of its type can match.

Reading the dealer is very important at Evolution’s Blackjack Party table because it has two hosts.

Pragmatic Blackjack

Pragmatic ONE is among the best live dealer blackjack games available right now. It’s an exquisite and refined refreshment to the generally tradition-focused market, with purple and black tints.

Playtech Quantum Blackjack

Finally, we must add Quantum Blackjack, the king of creative live games. All Playtech online casinos offer the greatest live dealer blackjack. This game isn’t rigged, and it’s easy to win the multipliers.

The Twenty-One edition of Quantum Roulette is inspired by the former version, and it also dabbles in time travel. As a result, it’s undoubtedly the most enthralling casino game. Quantum Blackjack is the best game for you if you like science and physics as well as gambling. Playtech ensures top-of-the-line quality and knowledgeable dealers with this product.


Hopefully, this piece has answered all your questions. You can start playing your favorite game now. If you’re new to live dealer blackjack, do well to do your research on which casino to use to get started.

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