Best Android Email Client Apps For Smartphones and Tablets

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There many be numerous reasons to opt for an alternative app installed on your Android phone/tablet. The key reason would probably be more features. Yes, its true! If your smartphone/tablet has some app installed then you can easily find its better alternative on the Google play store.

The alternative app will surely have many features than the one currently installed on your phone. One such app is the android email client app. Although your Android smartphone already has an email client app installed, you may want to use some additional facilities. To enjoy more modules and features, you’ll need to switch to one of these below mentioned best Android email client apps for smartphones and tablets –

Best Android Email Client Apps for Smartphones and Tablets

K-9 :-

K 9


K9 is an open source email client app. This application comes with interesting and unique features like –

  • IMAP based push mails.
  • Ability to sync multiple folders at a time.
  • Support for PGP encryption like mails, IMAP, Exchange 2003-2007 and POP3 protocols.
  • custom filters.
  • and many more features.

K9 application has seen more than a million downloads and there’s no doubt that it’s one of the best Android email client app for smartphones and tablets.

Mail Droid :-

mail droid

This application comes with many features. Mail droid feature set includes –

  • Interfaces to save the mail attachments to any writable folder on your Android smartphone/tablet.
  • plugin to filter spams.
  • ability to integrate with cloud storage facilities.
  • threaded view and mode of email conversations.
  • Cool WYSIWYG editor.
  • many types of icons and styles for notifications and alerts.
  • and much more.

with such rich set of quality features , mail droid can be considered one of the best Android email client app for smartphones and tablets.

Aqua Mail :-

Aqua Mail

This is yet another unique app that comes with loads of interesting features. Below are the features of this Android application –

  • Different widgets for message counts,message list.
  • Ability to automatically fit a message.
  • Ability to integrate with android launchers, tasker and many other applications.
  • support for RTF (rich text formatting).

This isn’t it. There are many more features that will make you simply love this application. With such amzaing and cool features, Aqua mail is surely one of the best Android email client app for Smartphones and tablets.

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