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Bastion Remnant in Minecraft 1.17

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Bastion Remnant is a Minecraft natural spawning structure. It is a large Castle that is located in the Nether. It can be found in almost every biome. It doesn’t spawn in Basalt-Deltas. It has many rooms, and these rooms are full of amazing loot. All this will be discussed:

1. Bastion Remnant Spawn

The Bastion Remnant, a Giant Castle that is located in The Nether, is as we have already mentioned. You can find it in all Biomes, but not in the Basalt Deltas. It cannot be spawned there due to the large Basalt towers and uneven terrain. Even if you tried to spawn it with Cheats, it was impossible.

2. Structure Representation

There are four types of Bastion Remnant. Based on these four types, the generation of the Bastion Remnant is determined. These four structures are what divide the Bastion Remnant:

  1. Bridges – Large ruined structures with a piglin visage carved into them. You will find many rooms filled with chests and lava as you approach the mouth.
  2. Hoglin Stables – These Hoglin Stables can be found in the Bastion Remnant’s Lower Parts in Minecraft. They are also ruined, and Hoglind can run through them. They also contain Hoglin Stable Chests.
  3. Housing Units – These are the units you will see as you cross the bridge. These are broken structures that connect via stairs to the terrace. Sometimes, they may have Nether Warts growing from their floors. They often have loot chests.
  4. Treasure Rooms – The only reason that players can enter the Bastion Remnant is because of the Treasure room. The Treasure Room is a platform that can be found in a large, lava-covered pit. There are multiple bridges that span it. It has treasure chests at the bottom and Gold Blocks. There is also a Magmacube Spawner.

3. Minecraft Mobs:

Bastion Remnant is home to hostile mobs with only two goals. The first is to protect the Treasure and the second is to kill anyone who tries to steal it. In this instance, it is you. There are different mobs than in the overworld. After a certain time, the Mobs of the overworld die. They do not. They are not.

  • Piglin Brutes These Brutes look just like regular piglins. They wear brown clothes, much like a Greek Gladiator. They can kill you with just two strikes of their axes and wield a Golden Axe. You think they won’t say anything to you if your armour is golden, but this is a mistake. They don’t care if you have golden armour. They’ll kill. They are much less common in Minecraft’s Bastion Remnant.
  • Piglins – They are the most friendly mobs in The Nether, unless you invoke them. Don’t steal gold or chests from them. Make sure you wear Golden Armour, or at least a small piece of it.
  • These pigs are the worst. They can appear out of nowhere and attack you with all their might. They can also be beneficial for you. Hoglins can be killed if you’re starving because they will drop pork chops.
  • Magma Cubes-Magma Cubes are not in the area above the Bastion Remnant. These can be found in the treasure room. They are usually found in the treasure room. These magma cubes drop magma cream when they are killed. These magma creams can then be used to make fire resistant portions.

4. Loot in Bastion Remnant Minecraft:

There are many OP loot in the castle. There are both rare and common loot in the castle. It is easy to become rich simply by looting one Bastion Remnant from Minecraft. This is where you will find the loot.

  1. Gold blocks – The bridge has gold blocks. You can find more gold blocks in the Treasure Room.
  2. Treasure Chests – The treasure chests are filled with many OP items. There are many items that you can find, including Saddles and Arrows, Iron and Gold Ingots and Saddles. Also, Crossbows and Enchanted Armour, Weapons and Crossbows. Rare items like Nether scraps and Nether Ingots, Pigstep Music Disc (only available here), Diamond tools are also available.

5. Advancements:

A few advancements can be completed by visiting the Bastion Remnant in Minecraft. Thos are-

  • War Pigs – You can complete this advancement by using the Bastion Remnant. You just need to open an unopened chest, which is naturally spawned there.
  • Those Were The DaysThis is an advancement you can make when you join a Bastion Remnant within Minecraft.

Here are the details about the Bastion Remnant. These are some tips to keep in mind when you next enter the Nether to search for the Bastion Remnant.

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