How to Avoid Phishing Emails and Report Phishing Sites?

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Hello Everyone,

Let me tell you that this is a very important article for every internet user. In this post, I am going to write about the security of a user in this world of internet and social networking. This post is regarding phishing, the most famous and an easy way that is used for hacking any email accounts, bank accounts or Facebook, Twitter accounts etc. So, let me begin with the contents of the article:

  • Definition of Phishing
  • How Phishing is done?
  • How to Avoid Phishing and stay secure?
  • How to Report Phishing Websites?
  • Your Actions

What is Phishing?

Phishing is the way to steal the account information of any user i.e. his/her username and password of a particular account. This account may be on any social media sites like Facebook, Twitter , Google+ or may be internet banking account of one. Hence, the log in credentials will be captured by the hacker.

In phishing attacker creates a fake page that is very much similar to original page of the site (For eg.: Facebook),whose account he wishes to compromise; and makes the victim to log in to that page using his/her id and password. The difference stands in the URL of the webpage at front end. Rest is at back end, which is not visible to normal users. This fake page sends the username and password to the hacker, who has coded this page according to his wish to get the account details. Generally, phishing pages are created using free web hosting services. But, someone can create on his/her personal hosting also.

Now, I don’t think that I need to explain the losses of phishing. Your precious information may be stolen. Your bank account details and money may be hacked. So, we can consider that it is very dangerous to let our information go into the hands of a hacker.

How Phishing is Done?

Hackers may use many different ways to apply phishing on you and this has increased very rapidly in recent years. Few of the methods, I am going to mention below, which will help you in identifying the phishing pages:

  • Email Phishing: In email phishing, hackers send you a mail and ask you to log in with your exact credentials. These emails are sometimes offering you something and making you greedy. Sometimes these are asking you for security purposes. So, always take care of the phishing email in order to avoid it and do not enter your confidential details.
  • Website Phishing: Phishing websites are webpages which are designed similar to your log in page. You are made to log in to those pages and this may be done via email phishing or sending you to that malicious links from other resources also.

These 2 ways are basically being used for phishing. Email phishing has become so popular and if you are active user of internet and making good money from internet marketing, you are most likely to be attacked. So, you need to take care of it especially.

How to Avoid Phishing Email and Phishing Sites?

In order to avoid phishing and stay little secure, you would like to follow these tips mentioned below:

  1. While signing in to any website, first check the URL of it. If it is the one you want to sign in or differs then the original URL (I hope that you know the original URL to log in :P). If it is different, never enter your information (or correct information), as it may lead to misuse of your account information.
  2. To protect from email phishing, always check whether the email is from trusted account or not. If a company is sending you an email, it will be generally from or something like this which can be differentiated easily.
  3. You would like to report phishing web pages in order to protect others from this kind of criminal activities. If you find any fake or phishing page, report it so that other users will also be beneficial and won’t get hacked. Here is how to do that?

How to Report Phishing Websites?

Phishing has got a special attention nowadays and social networking sites like Facebook are providing higher securities and alerts to prevent your account from getting hacked. But, that is not enough. You will have to take care of it and hence you can report a phishing page. Google has provided a service, where you can Report Phishing Page and Google will take care of the rest.

Your Actions

So, here in this article I have explained the ways to be secure from being hacked via phishing email and phishing websites and also how to report phishing websites. Now, I would like to know from your side. Have you ever faced such a situation? What do you do, when you face this kind of shit websites? What are your precautions and do you report phishing pages? I am looking for your replies and thankful to all of you for reading this article and your upcoming comments.

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