How to Add RUN to Start Menu in Windows 7?

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In this post again I am going to discuss a trick for windows 7 users, in which you will know how to add run to start menu in windows 7, which option is not available there by default as in windows XP or older. In order to add Run, first of all, I will start with its uses and importances and then how can you use it, in case you do not know about it:

What is the Use of Run in Windows?

‘Run’ menu has its own importance due to its ease of working. It takes you to the desired destination of default Windows settings and you do not require it to search here and there. Run option has its special codes for different programs or settings; entering which you will go directly to the specific settings. So, basically it will save your time.

How to Add Run to Start Menu?

In order to add run to start menu, follow these steps accordingly:

  1. Right click on start menu and go to its properties.
  2. Now go to Start Menu as shown in the below figure.
  3. Then, click on Customize.
  4. Select the check box named as Run Command.
  5. Now, press OK.
  6. Apply these settings and again press OK.
  7. Now, you have done it successfully. You can go to RUN easily from start menu.

Note: Alternatively, there is a shortcut key to open Run menu. You can use Windows+R also to open a run menu in case you wish to open it using your keyboard.

So, have you implemented these settings successfully or not? Let me know and if you have any other queries related to run menu, then comment below using comment box. I am looking forward to your responses.

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