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How To Add A New User On WordPress

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Assuming that you wanted to add a new user on your WordPress website. So how to add a new user on WordPress?

Many newbie bloggers struggle to change or add a new user from their WordPress blog. That is why I created a step by step guide on how to add a new user on WordPress below to help them solve their problem with this particular issue.

So let’s start!

What you’ll learn :

  • Add a new user on WordPress
  • Change the author of your post or pages
  • Change the password (for security)

Login to your WordPress Blog

How to login to your WordPress blog? There are 2 options to log in here.

#1. Open your favorite browser on your computer and type “” then press enter. It will take you to the page below.

Enter your username or email and password then press login.

#2. If you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate you can simply login to your Account and hover the word SiteRubix on the upper left of the WA Dashboard. It looks like the page below.

Click the “Site Manager” to view your existing Websites.

Click the “Login Button“, it will take you to the dashboard. Then on your WordPress Dashboard hover on the word “USER” and click “Add New“. just like below.

Add a New User On WordPress

After clicking the Add New Button, you will the redirected to this page.

What you’re going to do here?

  • Enter your desired Username, you can use your name or whatever you like.
  • Your Email must be different from the first user (admin) else it will not be created.
  • Enter your First Name, Last Name, and your Website.
  • Set the Role to “ADMINISTRATOR” if you want a full access to your WordPress dashboard.
  • Press “ADD NEW USER“.

A New User was created and the Password. You can save it in a safe place and is easy access if you need it.

So simple right? There you have it. A new user and password created.

How To Change The Author of a Blog Post

Now you have a new user, let’s change the page/post author this time.

On your WordPress dashboard, click Post which is located at the upper right of the page then click all Posts.

Now let’s take the “How to Monetize Your Blog” as an example. If you hover the Blog Post, you will see there are options underneath. The Edit, Quick Edit, Trash, Preview and Purge from cache.

  • Edit – If you want to edit the full article, the pictures videos and everything else this option is what you need.
  • Quick Edit – Allows you to edit the Title of the Post, The Slug, Date, Categories, Tags, allow Comments and Pings, Status of the post, Make the post sticky and lastly, you can change the Author of this particular Blog Post. So this one is what we need.
  • TrashDelete the particular post completely.
  • Preview – If you want to take a quick view of the post you can use this button.
  • Purge from cache – I use W3 Total Cache so it is visible here. Other Blogs which are not using this Plugin there’s no Purge from cache option.

Click Quick edit Option then you’ll see something like below.

I’ll change the default Author which is the ADMIN to something like personal. The one I created above.

Choose from the author dropdown menu and choose your desired author name. I chose the one I created above to look more personal. Then click update and boom. Refresh the page and you’ll see the author have changed. It looks like this.

How easy is that? That’s how to change the Blog Post Author. And Last but not the least, I’ll show you how to change a password. So let’s continue.

How To Change Your Password For Security

Go to Wealth Affiliate Dashboard -> SiteRubix -> Click Site Manager

After clicking Site Manager you will be redirected to this page.

Click Login Button to view something like below.

And you will see the output below.

There you go. The password was successfully changed. I just blurred the other half for security purposes but the output is the same if you change your password too.

If you find this post helpful don’t forget to share it with your friends. Do you have any suggestions? Leave a comment below. I’ll be glad to read them on m free time.

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